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Connecting your Flutterwave account to Bunce
Connecting your Flutterwave account to Bunce
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Bunce connects with your Flutterwave account to let you track your customer and revenue metrics, create customer segments based on payments events and automate customer messaging based on these events.

How to connect

  1. Click on the account setup option on the menubar

  2. Click on the Add payment provider option

  3. Select flutterwave from the payment provider options

  4. Go to your flutterwave dashboard to copy your test / live secret keys. We use this to sync your existing Flutterwave customers and receive events in real-time to engage your customers.

  5. Paste the test/live keys in the fields provided on Bunce.

  6. Click Add Provider. A unique URL will be generated for you. You will need to update your Flutterwave Live Webhook URL with the generated URL.

  7. Go to your Flutterwave account, click on the "Settings" tab

  8. Afterward, click on the "Webhooks" tab

  9. Input the copied webhook URL into the URL boxes and then save it appropriately.

  10. If you already have another URL in the Live Webhook URL field, you can use our Zapier integration (Coming soon)

  11. Once done, click the Save Changes button on Flutterwave

  12. Return to your Bunce dashboard and click on the webhook added button

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